Welcome to *queeklee

1 second
video loops.

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Explore the world around you in a blink!

With *queeklee you can create and share 1 second video loops, called ‘queeks’, that are fun, geo-located, and easy to navigate.
*queeklee brings back the fun, simplicity, and immediacy of social media! It's quick and easy!

1 second, 1 hashtag

It can't be easier than that! Believe us, a lot can happen in 1 second!

Friends and people around you

Your feed is geo-located to look for queeks around you

Like it… Or not :)

Swipe right or left. Every queek becomes an organic poll!

How does it work?

Sign-up or log-in

You can sign-up for *queeklee using your Twitter or Facebook log-ins.


First thing you see is a feed of queeks posted by your friends or people around you.


Swipe left or right to access the next queek on your feed.

Create and post

It’s easy! Take a 1 second video and add 1 hashtag. Tap the asterisk to post.

App Screenshots

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